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This outdoor preparation works for Psilocybe bohemica and other mushroom species that grow late in the year. It involves the preparation, pasteurization, and sterilization of a grain spawn. This grain spawn is then inoculated into a substrate and once fully colonized, it’s transferred outdoors where fruiting can be expected within three weeks.

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Psilocybe bohemica Spores

Psilocybe bohemica spores. Psilocybe bohemica’s cap can range from 1cm to 4cm across. It’s conical at first but as it ages, P.bohemica’s cap starts to become more convex or campanulate – in simpler words, bell-shaped. Later on, it may become incurved then more plane.The cap is buff-brown to orange-brown. However, because it changes color based on its level of hydration, you can expect it to have a pale ochre hue when completely dried. This smooth and translucent cap is also striped when moist but is surprisingly not as sticky as other shroom strains. The cap’s flesh is whitish to cream-colored.Psilocybe bohemica can be as short as 4.5cm or as tall as 8cm. Its stem never becomes thicker than 10mm. The stem has an equal structure which slightly enlarges towards the base. It is whitish with a silky gloss and has the white remnants of a fibrillose veil.The gills can be seen growing towards the stem. These gills are light brown at first, becoming dark brown with age with a purple tint while the edges remain pale.Psilocybe bohemica shares a trait with all magic mushrooms in that it stains dark blue or bluish purple wherever it’s handled or injured.

You can’t detect a distinguishable smell from Psilocybe bohemica but it does have a bitter taste.

The psychoactive compounds psilocybin and baeocystin are highest in the caps of the mushrooms. The hallucinations produced by this magic mushroom is incredibly variable because its psilocybin levels can range from 0.11% to 1.34% by dry weight.Buy Psilocybe bohemica for micro-dosing

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